The labyrinth city of ash and chaos "Gray Neighbor".Pests always lie in the shadow of the bright lights of the dungeon, which contains many monsters and treasures. The clean crimson flowers that bloom in such a scavenger are the princess knight Alwin. Matthew, a former adventurer who gathers at her, is one of the many pests in the city. A person who does not work and has a weak fight, wastes the pocket money he received with sake and gambling, is swearing.――However, no one in this city knows what he really is."You hurt my owner (Ohime-sama) -so I'll kill you.""Hey, hey! It's just a stupid ...!""Keep it a secret. She doesn't have to know what a pest like us is doing."――He is willing to get his hands dirty."Matthew, you are an important lifeline for me.""As long as you need it, I'll keep this hand. I told you. I'm your'string'."――Everything is for the princess knight.The selection meeting was noisy! A shocking different world noir that breaks new ground in entertainment novels!

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