• Other names: 黒衣の執行人は全てを刈り取る~謎ジョブ《執行人》は悪人のスキルを無限に徴収できる最強ジョブでした。【剣聖】も【勇者】も【聖者】も、弱者を虐げるなら全て敵です。
  • Author(s): Amaike Nozomu
  • Genre(s): Action Fantasy
  • Status: On going
  • Magazine: NicoNico


"Adel, as of today, you will be deprived of your position as the Seventh Prince! Don't ever show your face in front of me again!" I thought that this world was full of "unreasonableness". The leader of an adventurer party who treats allies like discarded pawns.He is a vicious lord who forces his people into tyranny and stuffs his mouth with steak.A guild master who dismisses his comrades who have devoted themselves to the guild with a word of salary thief.An aristocratic bonbon who wears his fiancée as his sleeve just because he has a new woman. And then... a fucking parent who banishes his son just because he didn't get the ability he wanted. The main character, Adel Vander, wanted to exterminate such unreasonableness from this world.It was because he himself had the bitter experience of being judged as a Job that deviated from the abilities he had been granted, being banished from the royal family, and having his position as the Seventh Prince stripped. Two years after being expelled from the royal family, Adel ran a "revenge agency" to exterminate the unreasonableness that is rampant in this world.He thought that he would be able to make use of the job abilities that he had been given by God. "Adel-sama, today's client can see you." Maia, a maid, tells us that one more "customer" will visit Adele's revenge agent shop today. "Enforcer-sama! Please, please clear my grudge...!" When Adel receives those words and activates the job ability that God gave him, a jet-black scythe appears in his hand. 《Magic Scythe Igarima》――. An ability that Adel was once criticized for being out of line.It was an ability that increased in strength according to the opponent's misdeeds and reaped the target's job ability. “The execution coefficient is 7023 points, huh… This time is also quite a motherfucking bastard.” Adele mutters and runs with a jet-black scythe in one hand. In order to execute one evil person who created unreasonableness in this world today.

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