• Other names: 強制的にスローライフ!?~油断できないを合言葉に、ゲームの世界でがんばります~, Forced Slow Life!?, Kyosei Teki Ni Slow Life!?
  • Author(s): Tail
  • Genre(s): Comedy Fantasy Historical
  • Magazine(s): Comic Walker
  • Status: On going
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I am ``Gilbert Orto,'' the second son of Viscount Orto, a member of an aristocratic family in a corner of the Kingdom of Franmecia.I grew up normally, but when I turned 4 years old, I realized... ``This world is the same game I played many times before I was reincarnated, ``Eugene's Miracle''!!!!!''Moreover, there is no demon lord, so I wonder if it's a post-clearance/sequel world...That game had a guaranteed loss event, and it was terrible...This current situation that only I know is not the time to live a leisurely life, and I can't let my guard down. We have to acquire knowledge and strength from the age of 4 to survive...!!

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