• Other names: 顔さえよければいい教室, Kao Sae Yokerebaii Kyoshitsu, Kao sae Yokereba Ii Kyoushitsu, Everyone Has Talent. If Only We Could Realize It.
  • Author(s): Mikawa Ghost
  • Genre(s): Comedy Romance
  • Magazine(s): Comic Walker
  • Status: On going


A popular tag team presents a school battle for popularity between geniuses. Music, dance, fashion - geniuses in every field gather at the performing arts school, Currents High School. But in reality, it is a school where all evaluations are based on appearance, including "face. My sister, Shika Ikebukuro, is a hikikomori (a person in need of nursing care who cannot live without her brother), and her sense of delivery and star power are devastating. She was thought to be the weakest student in the school. But I know him. I know that VSINGER, who hid his face on the Internet and became a legend, is really Shika. Blue is the color of this song. I just sing to it." Therefore, Shika's singing voice is unique. Her talent is discovered, overturning all the common sense of the school...!

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